The title “Content Strategy: An Uneven History” on an abstract graphic

Content strategy has been around longer than most people think. It has, like so many other fields of practice, been called by different names, and has evolved along with the enabling technologies. Digging into the history of the manipulation, management, and governance of content takes us down several paths that converged to become what we know today as content strategy. When Fiona Cullinan first published “A brief history of content strategy” on the Firehead site, back on June 24, 2013, the brevity largely ignored the pre-Web foundations of the profession. With all of the changes in the field, it’s time…

This story could be called The Digital Time Sink. Perhaps that’s the name of the book — a collection of stories that highlight the daily routines of the digital worker. This particular story has been brewing for a while now, and has now reached peak level of personal frustration. I call it the law of prerequisites.

We’ve all been there. Here’s today’s set of prerequisites. I want to get into my Flickr account. But to get into Flickr, I have to log into Yahoo. (When did that happen, I wonder?) I can’t remember my Yahoo password, and it seems that…

Rahel Anne Bailie

Content operations, content strategy, content management — content, seriously

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